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Internal Working Model
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Liela Moss
Bella Union
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 13, 2023
  • Vinyl 1×LP

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    • 180g Red Vinyl
    • CMYK Labels
    • 4/0 3mm Spined Sleeve 300gsm w/ Matt Machine Varnish
    • 4/0 300gsm Inner Sleeve 205gsm w/ Matt Machine Varnish
    • 1 colour 60mm round sticker
  • CD

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After the haunting My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth (2018) and the dramatic, synth-loaded Who the Power (2020), Liela Moss’ new album Internal Working Model bristles with frustration at our disconnected culture but also – crucially – burns with a desire to reconnect – in her own words: “We see the beneficiaries of the status quo suppress realness and wellbeing by selling you a banal alternative that upholds their agenda. I want to add to the firepower to burn that old house down.”

With Moss’ expressive voice leading the way over fractious synth backdrops, the result is at once tense and tender, timeless and timely; determined to plug into positivity wherever it can be found. Personal and expansive, galvanic and inquisitive, it’s an album that sees the modern world’s mess through open eyes but isn’t willing to stop there: it wants to seek out solutions, source the potential in other ways of being and seeing.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Empathy Files 3:57 Buy

    Empathy Files

  2. 2 WOO (No One's Awake) 3:01 Buy

    WOO (No One's Awake)

  3. 3 Vanishing Shadows 3:36 Buy

    Vanishing Shadows

  4. 4 The Wall From The Floor 4:11 Buy

    The Wall From The Floor

  5. 5 Ache In The Middle 4:41 Buy

    Ache In The Middle

  6. 6 New Day 3:00 Buy

    New Day

  7. 7 Come and Find Me 4:07 Buy

    Come and Find Me

  8. 8 Welcome To It 3:58 Buy

    Welcome To It

  9. 9 Love As Hard As You Can 4:18 Buy

    Love As Hard As You Can

Liela Moss

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