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Don't Die In The Bundu
Wren Hinds
Bella Union
Catalogue Number
Release Date
21 lipca 2023

A fresh chapter takes soft, sure shape for Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Wren Hinds on his new album. Released through Bella Union on 21st July 2023, Don’t Die in the Bundu follows Bella Union Pressings’ vinyl releases of Wren’s first three Bandcamp LPs. A gleaming set of gently dappled and poetic songs about fatherhood and fortitude, the album roots its restrained strength in an innate understanding of what matters most to us.

Wren’s own life began on the South-east coast of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. His father was a musician, his mother a landscape painter. While his dad inspired Wren to record whenever and wherever he could, his mother’s artform coloured his approach to songwriting: “painting with sound” is Wren’s description, a methodology illustrated by his use of light, shade and space to communicate powerful impressions and feelings.

Recorded at a timber cabin in the South Peninsula mountainside, about 40km outside of Cape Town, Don’t Die in the Bundu is at once a natural evolution from his earlier work…, a fresh start and a statement of commitment, embedded in its title. Drawn from “a few personal experiences,” says Wren, the inspiration for the title helps pinpoint its purpose. “It was inspired by a very old survival book distributed in South Africa and Zimbabwe. I had a few title options I was playing with, and around July 2022 a friend and I were held up at gunpoint in Cape Town. Fortunately we weren’t harmed or anything, but the whole ordeal helped me to settle on the title.”

Meanwhile, parenthood helped crystallise Wren’s perspective on the trials of our times. “I try not to be too pessimistic about the future, especially now that I have a kid. It forces me to look at the beauty in humanity and the mysterious nature of this place we call home. I guess, like everyone else, I’m often trying to figure out how it all fits together, and how we fit into this story… Now that I’m a father, I’d rather live in hope than in fear.” Richly subtle, deeply inquisitive, Don’t Die in the Bundu illustrates Wren’s preference beautifully.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 A Song 2:57 Kup

    A Song

  2. 2 Wild Eyes 3:44 Kup

    Wild Eyes

  3. 3 Father 4:13 Kup


  4. 4 Chasing the River 6:00 Kup

    Chasing the River

  5. 5 A Wasted Love 4:54 Kup

    A Wasted Love

  6. 6 Restless Child 3:15 Kup

    Restless Child

  7. 7 Dream State 4:36 Kup

    Dream State

  8. 8 The Garden 5:47 Kup

    The Garden

  9. 9 Gilded by the Sun, Silvered by the Moon 5:10 Kup

    Gilded by the Sun, Silvered by the Moon

  10. 10 Razor Wing 2:22 Kup

    Razor Wing

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