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Strange Dance
Display Artist
Philip Selway
Bella Union
Catalogue Number
Release Date
24 lutego 2023
  • Winyl 1×LP, Limited Edition

    Promocja $25.99$19.49

    Bella Union Exclusive EcoMix Vinyl + Signed Print Edition



  • Winyl 2×LP (Deluxe)

    Promocja $86.99$65.24

    Deluxe Boxset



    • Limited edition deluxe boxset containing 2LPs - Strange Dance + Liminal (a collection of previously unreleased soundtrack pieces that Philip made for the film, Carmilla, and also for the BBC Radio 3 play, Sea Longing.)
    • It also contains a series of art prints designed by Stewart Geddes (one of which will be signed and numbered) plus a 20-page booklet.
    • Limited to 500 copies worldwide.
  • CD

    Promocja $11.99$8.99


When Philip Selway approached some of his favourite musicians to play on his third solo record he said he imagined it as a Carole King record if she collaborated with the pioneering electronic composer Daphne Oram and invited him to drum on it. Unsurprisingly they were all sold, and so began the bringing together of an extraordinary number of gifted people, including Hannah Peel, Adrian Utley, Quinta, Marta Salogni, Valentina Magaletti and Laura Moody.

Foregrounding this remarkable union of musical voices was 10 songs written by Selway at home on piano and guitar that show him at the height of his songwriting powers. As Strange Dance unfurls, it takes the listener through different weathers and seasons. Each song carries varied and diverse shades and textures of emotion. Lyrically, it is artful. Selway has a gift at writing heartfelt lyrics which could relate to any number of human experiences.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Little Things 3:34 Kup

    Little Things

  2. 2 What Keeps You Awake At Night 6:56 Kup

    What Keeps You Awake At Night

  3. 3 Check For Signs Of Life 4:21 Kup

    Check For Signs Of Life

  4. 4 Picking Up Pieces 4:28 Kup

    Picking Up Pieces

  5. 5 The Other Side 4:11 Kup

    The Other Side

  6. 6 Strange Dance 5:57 Kup

    Strange Dance

  7. 7 Make It Go Away 3:59 Kup

    Make It Go Away

  8. 8 The Heart Of It All 4:14 Kup

    The Heart Of It All

  9. 9 Salt Air 4:45 Kup

    Salt Air

  10. 10 There'll Be Better Days 4:30 Kup

    There'll Be Better Days

Philip Selway

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